How To Detoxify Your Lungs

Hello everyone! In today’s article, we’ll be talking about how to detoxify your lungs giving the best way for detoxifying pollution and chemicals from smoking!

How to detoxify your lungs and what is the best way to do so!

We’re talking about detoxifying pollution that chemicals from smoking and by the way since you probably already know this but there’s 7 000 chemicals in cigarette smoke at 250 are harmful and 69 are actually are carcinogenic I mean there’s even a radioactive element in smoking you have ammonia you have formaldehyde hydrogen cyanide and even cadmium which is a heavy metal.

And you have firsthand smoking and then you have secondhand smoking, but there’s also thirdhand smoking all the chemical particles that end up like on furniture clothing that you come in contact with as well.

01_ Understanding The Risks Of Breathing Toxins!

The reason why any of us want to read this article is to reduce the risk of cancer and things like that but there’s another big problem that is associated with smoking and that is COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 12 million people in the United States have COPD so I’m going to share some information on how to prevent that and if you have it what to do to improve it.

But smoking is not the only issue here you have pollution in the air you have cleaning supply chemicals you have mold and mildew in your house you even have something called radon gas that can actually affect your lungs and then also if we compound that with pre-existing infections to the lung it can lead to some major problems and just so you know like lung cancer doesn’t always come from smoking it can be referred or they called spread from other organs.

If your lung has inflammation in it okay it becomes a target for cancer because cancer tends to spread in areas of inflammation so the key thing with this video is all about inflammation in the lung and how to reduce it because anytime you have inflammation you then get Scar Tissue fibrosis and then it gets to a point where it becomes irreversible so when a toxin comes in contact with your lung tissue it irritates it it’s going to start creating inflammation and then over time if there’s a chronic exposure to that toxin you start developing fibrosis.

You also at the same time get a lowered amount of your own antioxidants that are there to protect the lung so you have this insult or free radical damage situation and the lowering of the protective mechanism of your own body’s antioxidants goes down but what a lot of people don’t realize is that these chemicals that go into the lung go systemic they don’t stop at the lung and a lot of them end up in the liver so the liver is at the heart of the detoxification system so it’s going to take those poisons that are in cigarettes or pollution and it’s going to dismantle them hopefully and it does this through a series of enzyme interactions called phase one phase two phase three detoxification enzymes.

But it gets to a point where it becomes overloaded where the liver cannot keep up with this especially if it’s a chronic exposure to these chemicals the liver starts to develop inflammation it can even develop fat from inflammation as you filled up the lungs with chemicals and pollution it can end up in the arteries and create a lot of heart problems but I think the key note here is chronic exposure okay chronic exposure not exposure here and there that your liver can easily deal with this but it’s just a routine chronic exposure over a long period of time that’s where we have a problem.

02_ How To Detox Your Lungs!

There’s some really interesting data on probably one of the best protective remedies for your lung as well as the liver and it’s very different than what you’re going to find when you do searches on detoxifying your lungs because normally they’re going to talk about you know herbs that help you stop coughing might decrease swelling but this other herb that I’m going to mention is probably the most potent not just because what it can do for your lung but what it can do for your liver and that herb is milk thistle milk thistle is one of the best antidotes to poison.

So if you poison yourself from either a snake bite or a poisonous mushroom or toxins or you’re just taking medications you should be taking milk thistle to protect the liver well just so happens that that same protection occurs in your lungs as well so if you have COPD or you’re a smoker or you’re trying to repair your lungs milk thistles what you want to start taking because milk thistle is one of the best anti-inflammatories it’s the best protector against toxins and it’s a really good remedy if you have COPD and also any type of liver problem number two tocotranols this is a type of vitamin E that’s like 50 times stronger than your regular vitamin E called the tocopherols so tocatrinals are all about getting rid of free radical damage it’s a very powerful antioxidant it’s a very powerful anti-inflammatory and it’s especially good to prevent fibrosis.

So that stage where you go from inflammation to scar tissue there’s a lot of data that talks about tocotrino helping prevent scar tissue in your arteries and then the liver but also in your lungs so tocatrinals are a number two remedy especially to reduce inflammation and number three vitamin D you want to take this probably in 20 000 IUS but vitamin D is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and it’s really good for COPD any type of lung inflammation as well as any autoimmune diseases now there are some interesting links between COPD and autoimmune.

You may have antibodies against your own lung tissue if you have COPD and this is something you’d have to have tested but I want to bring it up because it is an issue and if you have antibodies that are creating this inflammation in your lungs this goes beyond just being exposed to toxins this is that your immune system that’s misidentifying your lungs as a pathogen vitamin D is going to be very important and this additional remedy.

So if you have antibodies against your own lung tissue I’m going to recommend a product from another company that I’m not affiliated with it’s called standard process and the product is called pneumotrophin PMG you just take one of those before bed and that can potentially act as a decoy so these antibodies can then attack it and not your lungs giving your lungs a chance to heal and regenerate.

03_ Learn More About Milk Thistle!

Since we’re on the topic of good herbs to prevent inflammation, I think it would probably be appropriate to learn a little bit more about this milk thistle from my other article. Check it out!

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