The Best Therapy For Gout (High Uric Acid)!

Hello everyone! In this article, we’ll be discussing the interesting effects of some various clinical therapies for gout that can also applied in home as well!

A lot of people have gout, and they don’t like to take the medication because it could potentially create some wild side effects.

Some of the various therapies for gout are the Infrared (Red) Light Therapy and its different types, the Electromagnetic Therapy, and Methylene Blue Therapy.

These are fantastic therapies to use in combination with diet changes and natural remedies for gout.

You can also learn more about these natural remedies in my other articles!

01_ What Is Infrared(Red) Light Therapy?

Talking about the red-light therapy, there are different spectrums or different wavelengths (the far and the near infrared). So, when we’re talking about what most people talk about in terms of infrared and LEDs, these are very safe units that have nice musculoskeletal benefits and nice clearing out of joint synovitis and tendonitis, and we’re talking specifically about gout.

Infrared and LEDs can even do things that help cell permeability which is the exchange of ions and uric acid which is essentially something that the body is over producing, so it can help with that whole process of cellular exchange and the cell getting rid of the waste byproducts as far as the spectrums which I mentioned, the lower levels aren’t as strong so they’re going to require more time more dosage time to apply them, as we get into things like laser at different amplitudes then we have accompanying heat and then there those obviously are more clinic-based situations.

02_ How to Use Infrared(Red) Light Therapy For Gout At Home!

When you do infrared at home related to the red light right, make sure that it is a bona fide infrared unit by looking at the reviews and making sure that the company is not just giving you something that is they’re purporting to be at a certain standard and I think that would be the best way to vet that out.

There are on the market now home laser units that are the FDA has approved for home use distribution and the best way to do that is really to go online and do your due diligence to make sure that they’re legitimate devices. But those are getting into a different spectrum of light, and they have their own effects.

When you’re applying the home-based treatment units, make sure to go about 20 minutes at a minimum and it would even be good to do that twice a day interval, you could do it morning and night as the Nader points of the metabolism typically in the early, early in the morning and later in the night as our body is kind of coming to a more lower relaxed phase or those are the points where these attacks generally are more prevalent and the blood flow is in vigorous ,etc. So those are good timing points that you could apply at the therapies, and it also happens to coincide with the work schedule for most people totally.

#Usage Advice: What some people do is they’ll do combinations of therapy where they’ll do some at different frequencies and that has the effect of the body not getting used to one particular frequency and even within a frequency treatment when you have the ability to change Cycles as some protocols where you can change cycles you’ll get different lights operating at different intervals that can have also potentiating effects on healing the body.

03_ How Long Does Infrared(Red) Light Therapy Take?

little bit about um excuse me um what kind of results does it happen right away does it take some time multiple treatments a week or so or two weeks what’s your thought on that I’m glad you mentioned that because you need to be doing especially with the gout flare some of the things that you mentioned on your videos to affect the uric acid production and excretion in tandem with I would not want somebody to think that this is a standalone this is part of a puzzle and this is one piece of the puzzle where we’re using energy in complement with other things that we’re doing with diet modification obviously clearing out with hydration so that the body can resolve the gowdy attack.

Now, for longer term maintenance that’s something where you might have to just cut down to like a once a day maintenance treatment as opposed to doing two treatments a day as you know one of the big culprits to gout is this fructose right and so many people don’t connect how much fructose they actually consume and they think oh yeah I’m eating natural fruits well that has some fructose in it and so does normal table sugar has fructose.

From an evolutionary standpoint, we didn’t consume nearly the amount of fructose that we do now and fructose really turns into uric acid at a pretty high rate um but even the evolution just fruits right in general um if you take a look at where certain fruits came from the amount of sweetness was like way lower we’ve hybrided these fruits to the point where we’re just like flooding the body with so much fructose.

So, that’s one of the things that I found, if someone just cuts that out huge changes in the intensity of the gout so we definitely need to take in consideration the diet part um and certain things that really spike it and even if you’re on the ketogenic diet Xylitol apparently uh can increase what’s called pseudoga which could be oxalates and things like that can irritate that toe so you know I’m on keto diet I’m not eating any fructose I’m not eating sugar but you’re doing tons of xylitol that can be like a hidden thing but that’s why I wanted to bring you on because there’s two things that I want to talk about which is infrared and also electromagnetic type

04_ Electromagnetic Therapy For Gout!

therapy too you use that can you just touch on that therapy as well because that can also be something that like a home therapy as well.

So, I’m going to show you first uh a larger base unit that I have here and I like this so much Dr Byrd that I have one of these units at home what it basically is a copper wiring that produces a magnetic field uh and it’s Electro charged and unlike you remember the craze with magnets in your shoes they just weren’t high enough Gauss to affect the bigger changes that we would be looking for Cellular Exchange what is the word Gauss what is that is this is that just a level of magnetic energy or what is Gauss.

Gauss is the power the electric power charge so for instance some of the mats that are widely available now and I won’t get into names and advertising but they’re widely available they’ve been uh sort of the rage for health and wellness they’ll have something like .6 Gauss okay and those are great for health and wellness this particular unit goes up to four thousand gals now you don’t know yeah so you have to be uh making sure for instance that if I had this near my chest that I don’t have a pacemaker because it would interrupt it would interrupt dropped the signal on my cell phone if I put this right up to it and you’ll see that you know the jacket lines etc. so this is a larger thing these are closed Loops.

So, they are purported to be safer than what’s emitting from this from the cell phone in terms of the in terms of the energy and that’s you know I think a relevant Point um as with anything you have to do your due diligence if you’re looking for a home unit and there are sites that review some of the home units that for several hundred dollars as opposed to several thousand dollars you can find what it is a smaller ring unit so instead of you know have being housed in a big plastic it might just have a smaller Loop about the size of a quarter uh or a half dollar and it’s a very flexible copper wire ring and there might be a couple of these that you place on the let’s say it was gout on your big toe for instance and then the Box you know the power charge unit will be a much smaller it’ll be you know this probably about the size a little bit like half a loaf of bread kind of energy unit as opposed to a much larger microwave size unit .

I like the ones that generate more in the several hundred cows than the ones that are 0.6 Gauss not that there’s anything wrong even at those lower levels they’ve been shown up regulation of bone production even at 0.6 Gauss because the frequency or the Hertz is also important. That’s the other key to the puzzle so the more sophisticated the unit the more options on frequency my unit for instance goes up to 7 to 60 hertz on the frequency and some of the smaller units they just won’t have as many options on the frequency cycles so on a gout situation what kind of frequency or Hertz would you use I go all the way up as sometimes as high as uh the 60 percent which is about 2500 Gauss and I would do the frequency cycle going from about seven to about 28 Hertz and what it does is it will go through an oscillation of that particular frequency for let’s say two minutes and then jump to the next frequency and so on.

And then just go in a loop and I think I mentioned before that you can actually see some difference in swelling just by one treatment right and swelling comes down right in some cases I’ve been able to measure the circumference of the body part and it’ll decrease let’s say in the ankle three quarters of a centimeter and I do these measurements and I’ve done them on some of my videos to just document different cases uh so that people have an idea of the range of things to expect because every patient responds a little bit differently as you know that’s great.

So, electromagnetic fields and then also which I talked about the dangers but if it’s controlled like that in a ring, I think it’s going to be a lot better

05_ Methylene Blue For Gout!

Have you ever heard of using like methylene blue with the light to potentiate the effect I like that idea because of the color spectrum so it’s something that I’ll have to research you know so this stuff is all related I mean it comes down to as elemental as like thinking about photosynthesis and how light affects plant energy production it’s the same basic core idea with this with the different application so anything uh color related is going to have some effect on energy.

Some fascinating new data and even they’re doing it right now researching on cancer where they’re taking the methylene blue which is kind of like has some really interesting properties to your mitochondria and then throwing a photo because the infrared can penetrate the body so it penetrates in the body and it potentiates the treatment in the mitochondria and it works on that electron chain which is kind of just like the conveyor belt of electrons and so um since most problems are mitochondria related then you’re going right at the heart of this thing.

So, that’s something that’ll be interesting to experiment on just adding methylene blue because methylene blue tends to go where you need it and it has some fascinating effects of mopping up electrons if you have a leaky mitochondria and then of course in the big toe what I would be interested in is we’ll just have to experiment on them but take methylene blue do the these other therapies and see which see what creates the biggest effect, but because we’re trying to deal with at the bottom level to sell we’re trying to improve the cell function right we’re trying to get rid of stuff we’re trying to make sure electrons aren’t creating so many free radicals and so this goes hand in hand with that.

In terms of ion exchange our cells basically our sodium potassium pumps so people think back to chemistry physiology oh I remember something about sodium and potassium with the nerve and vaguely about the cell but every cell whether it be a bone cell smooth muscle cell has sodium potassium exchange so our bodies are basically like batteries that respond to energy and what you mentioned with color if we can you know just like our car you know a dark Upholstery and we’re absorbing more light so there’s definitely implications there and I’ll be curious to see once I do the literature search how that might be able to be incorporated into protocols.

So, I’ve been doing some videos recently on um you know looking at oxygen and CO2 looking at different PHS inside and outside the cell how can you know because in order to have a battery to have this energy uh built up in the cell uh then to keep it normal you need these gradients these differences these two different um either two different electrolytes two different ph.’s two different um gradients of concentration so you create this flow and when we’re dealing with crystals building up waste building up lactic acid building up um there seems to be some damage in the membrane.

I think the wave of the future is going to be going away from drugs and more to these natural things so but it’s brand new it’s like people are just now starting to look at it but there’s not going to be a lot probably of research because there’s not a lot of money in doing some of these simple things unfortunately especially with methyl methylene blue because you can’t patent it anymore it’s like um it’s one of the first drugs but it’s seems to do some wonders on um restoring the oxygen into the mitochondria mopping up the excess electrons so you can then heal the mitochondria.

So, anyway I just wanted to throw it out there to your point about research too I was speaking with a company that is doing an IRB on cellular healing for wound healing for like diabetics with electromagnetic in particular so you can like infra infrared or for an investigational review board where they’re submitting to the NIH the uh and just so people understand why isn’t there more research on this.

Well, to do an IRB first you have to have funding you have to have an application to the government several thousand dollars so you really have to believe in your product to even start that the second layer is with the pandemic things have gotten pushed to the back seat so if there’s a cancer research grant that is going to be at probably a higher priority even though you would think oh my gosh diabetic ulcers it’s a pandemic of diabetes in our in our till a two cities nation with obesity and so forth but nonetheless those are very slow to get to the review board to even take action to start the study.

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