Number 1 Remedy For Psoriasis

Hello everyone! In today’s article, we’ll be talking about a new natural remedy for psoriasis that I’ve recently discovered!

I’ve covered natural remedies for psoriasis before, but I’m always on the lookout for additional ways to help people.

I recently found a new natural remedy that I’m excited about! It is a new remedy that I think can greatly benefit anyone with psoriasis.

Of course, check with your doctor before implementing this! I’m not telling you it’s going to cure your psoriasis but I’m just going to give you the information and you can try it out for yourself to see if it can work.

01_ What Is Psoriasis?

With psoriasis, there’s some interesting things going on you have an accelerated growth rate of certain skin cells by a factor of 10 times faster than your normal cells and then it turns into like this dry plaquing flaky red thing that then eventually falls off and then it keeps happening over and over again.

There’s also a high association with gut problems like irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease and psoriasis and psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and since most autoimmune disease originates in the gut this makes a lot of sense there is also a high association with people having joint problems and psoriasis.

02_ More About Psoriasis!

So, let me just kind of introduce you to this one little piece of the puzzle that has been missing in some of the other articles, there’s this thing in your skin cells that is a combination between an amino acid and a sugar so certain parts of your body are made from proteins other parts are made from fats and yet other parts are made from a combination of protein and sugars okay and probably one of the reasons for that is because when you combine a sugar with the protein you can get various new functions like for example that tissue can now hold a lot more water and so it can act to help lubricate things.

This is why I like the layer of your colon the mucosal layer is that tissue combining a protein with a sugar also the inside of your sinuses that need this lubrication are also combining that tissue as well also in your skin you have this we’ll call it Amino sugars which is a combination of amino acids and sugars to help with elasticity hydration etc. and so this protein sugar combination structure in your skin is called gag and so one of the functions in your skin is to supply the structural integrity of the collagen and other tissues like elastin which provides elasticity.

In fact one-fifth of all the sugar in your skin provides the raw material for that structure and so why am I talking about it why does this matter well because in psoriasis apparently there’s higher levels of this gag structure in the urine which means that it’s probably breaking down to a certain degree there is even antibodies to that structure as well because psoriasis is an autoimmune condition so there’s antibodies involved so certain information that I’m going to list down below indicate that when you have psoriasis you have an abnormal problem with this type of structure which is interesting because you also see the same problem occurring with people that have inflammatory bowel disease.

So, in other words, people that have inflammation in the gut or they have this IBD they usually have a destruction of this mucous layer so it’s not there to protect you it’s one of the primary barriers for your immune system and so if it’s not there you’re wide open to developing all sorts of immune problems not just food allergies but even autoimmune.

03_ My New Best Remedy For Psoriasis!

So, we have that interesting correlation there as well so apparently the remedy I’m going to talk about is like a precursor to this gag structure and this precursor is called nag which stands for n acetyl glucosamine and this nag is a precursor it’s a building block for this “ghe” and so apparently there’s some interesting data to show that it can improve psoriasis.

So, it can do several things it can actually help control the growth of this rapidly dividing cell that’s behind psoriasis so it’s involved in growth regulation and it can also stimulate more of those gags to have built up the lining in your colon as well as the support structure in your skin so there’s a lot of people who use it for leaky gut for bowel problems for joint problems.

But, now, they’re using it for psoriasis and it also has an “immuno” suppressive effect to actually kind of calm down the T cells that are involved in an autoimmune reaction so it’s basically anti-inflammatory and it provides the raw material to help repair the cells so it’s something I wanted to mention and create a video on it if you have psoriasis this is definitely something you want to look at I’ve done other videos on psoriasis if you’re going to take this remedy I would recommend taking between a thousand to two thousand milligrams or more over a period of time.

04_ Learn More About Psoriasis!

If you haven’t read my other article on psoriasis, I would definitely recommend that you read it. As knowing little bit about “The Old Solutions For Psoriasis” will help you understand the new one even better. Check it out!

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