How To Stop Waking Up Tired In The AM

Hello everyone! In today’s article, we’ll be talking about how to stop being so tired when you wake up in the morning!

I used to be so tired for years! I’m talking probably about 15 years of fatigue in the morning, and I had no idea what it was. It was terrible! It felt like I had a helmet over my head all the time, like brain fog, and it took me until probably 11 o’clock in the morning before I can actually wake up. So, I guess you will say I’m an expert in fatigue?!! Okay! So, if you apply what I’m about to tell you, you can easily get rid of this fatigue and wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

01_ Causes Of Fatigue In The Morning! The Relationship Between Them! How To Fix Them!

Your fatigue in the morning is really coming from your diet. Sure! There are other things such as exercising and sleeping management (Don’t worry, we will discuss them as well). But diet is the most important thing.

01_ Brain Fog!

What you ate yesterday is going to affect you today especially if it’s in the area of too many carbohydrates and starches and sugars. Why is that?!! Because when you’re doing that, you’re running on glucose and your brain is very susceptible to developing something called insulin resistance. So, what does that actually mean for the brain?!! Well, it means that you don’t have enough insulin in the brain to drive the glucose into the neuron cells. So basically, you are kind of startling off your brain cells of fuel and that does not make your brain feel good, it makes your brain feel tired. Also, the brain foggy returns into concentration lack.

02_ Lack Of Concentration!

“For me! I would say maybe late 20s, maybe 28-29, when I stumbled on changing my breakfast from a carb breakfast which I did for years to a protein breakfast, it was like a switch it was like this helmet lifted off and I got really interested in why that was and I started doing deep dives into what is called the Ketogenic Diet but for me it was very quick

03_ Irritability!

The point is if you go to the IHOP or a restaurant where you have breakfast foods it’s orange juice it’s cereal it’s pancakes it’s muffins carbs it’s sugar so I know a lot of people are waking up really grouchy and really tired, so it’s not just fatigue it’s your mood”

04_ Hunger And Cravings In The Mornings!

If you’re waking up feeling hungry, if you’re waking up craving anything, if you’re waking up feeling grouchy, or if you have any fog in your mind when you wake up, then your blood sugars are off the worst thing you can do is to add more carbs to raise your blood sugars to treat this low blood sugar situation why because you just you make yourself feel a little better but then it’s going to get worse because the more carbs you do the more sugar you do your body is going to start protecting the cells from that even more and resisting it more and more and more it’s just a it’s a never-ending cycle a better thing to do is just to skip the breakfast all together.

If you cut down your carbs throughout the day you will find the next day and maybe it might take two days you’ll find you’re not going to be hungry in the morning your Cravings are going to start going away because you’re restricting your body of carbs and sugar and your body then will start burning fat your own fat as well as the fat in your diet and if given the choice your brain loves to burn ketones okay and that’s the byproduct of fat.

05_ Headaches And Bloating And Nauseous!

If you wake up with a headache or If you wake up feeling kind of bloated it could be that you went out to dinner the day before or went out to a restaurant the day before what you ate the day before has a huge impact on how you’re going to feel today now personally my wife and I would in the past long time ago would go to Taiwanese restaurants Chinese restaurants we love that okay and we ate a lot of rice and we had a lot of carbs and we had a lot of MSG which is a flavor enhancer and at the time I didn’t even connect the dots but I would always wake up feeling bloated retaining fluid and feeling really irritable in the head which made me crave certain things and want to do that same thing the next day, I mean there was even a year I think I had a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream right before a bed. If you’re waking up feeling nauseous, headachy, bloated it may be also because of stiffness.

07_ Stiffness!

If you wake up with stiffness it’s usually something you ate that’s affecting your liver and if you have a liver issue you can create a lot of stiffness now a couple key points to help you wake up feeling refreshed is you must do intermittent fasting okay and skip that breakfast in fact this is what I would do I would have your first meal at noon and your second meal at least five hours before you go to bed okay I mean even earlier if you could you will find a huge Improvement in your sleep cycles if you don’t eat so close to when you go to bed I mean you should just prove this to yourself okay one day you eat right before you go to bed next day you eat like at five okay or maybe even at four in the afternoon and nothing after that watch how well you sleep.

02_ How To Stop Waking Up Tired!

One of the things that people have temptations they have certain Cravings they have certain habits and they’re constantly giving in to them the way that you strengthen your willpower is just by avoiding these things okay and it takes a while but as soon as you start doing it you’ll get momentum but to constantly give in to the body and just cave just weakens your willpower over time and don’t ever ask your body hmm what is my body in the mood for because it’s not going to give you the right answer.

The attitude that I use with my body is basically, I’m going to give you the food that you need to survive and get healthy and I see that my stomach is grumbling but I’m not going to give into that I will feed you when I’m good and ready I have to constantly remind my body who is boss I mean it’s literally crazy what’s happening with people out of control with food I mean completely out of control I mean they’re just letting their bodies dictate exactly what they want at any given moment so it’s a trap, you got to get out of the trap and you have to start putting in control over your body and when you start doing intermittent fasting your hunger goes right away.

A couple other things now related to this fatigue in the morning it’s if you’re sitting in front of a computer like I am a good portion of the day or you’re staring at your cell phone or a laptop whatever you’re going to get a couple things happen you’re going to get EMF electromagnetic fields that are going to affect your body and I bought this little tri-filled device to detect MF and I found the back wall where my bed is had a lot of problems and extended this electromagnetic field like eight feet out from the wall and so I was sleeping in the bathing in this electromagnetic field and I literally had an electrician take the wall down and um fix some of the cross wires and boy did I sleep good after that.

The blue light that also does not help your eyes and then you also have the cell phone connected to your head I mean that is not good for your brain you talk about brain fog.

There’s also glasses I hate with a passion but unfortunately I have to use them when I’m reading certain things but the problem is when I use them it makes things worse so I literally have to take half the day and take them off and just go for a walk and just look at things in the distance to actually correct some of that but you know you might think that you’re tired but it could be just the glasses that are making your eyes tired making your head tired as far as exercise goes very important to use exercise to flush out adrenaline and stress and cortisol through the day.

It’s going to help increase your tolerance for stress it’s going to help you sleep deeper especially if you do like three times a week high intensity interval training that can greatly help your sleep as well as long walks or hikes or even better yet doing physical work around your house outside somewhere very therapeutic to your sleep and the quality of waking up feeling good also jet lag if you want to handle your jet leg it’s a real simple solution if you fly somewhere take about 30 000 or 40 000 units of vitamin D okay and that pretty much resets the clock in your brain.

Temperature is another important thing when you’re sleeping uh it’s best if you’re on the cooler side that will help the quality of sleep and make you wake up feeling better your mattress did you realize you spend one third of your entire life on a mattress so invest in a good mattress and keeping the window open if at all possible will greatly help your ability to sleep and lastly make

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